Running Wild

Limited Edition


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Camargue, France

The wild horses of the Camargue have been a source of inspiration to artists for centuries. These powerful animals symbolize freedom and grace, and their calls can be heard across the coast of southern France.

There’s something very captivating about these horses running through the surf. They seem so free and wild, yet at the same time there’s a certain gracefulness to their movements. Roaming across the landscape, their white coats shine in the sun — they looked like creatures from another world.

Photographing these magnificent animals as they pound through the water has many challenges. Maintaining focus at a high frame rate is critical. No focus – no shot. Then it’s on to the editing room, searching through thousands of images to find that perfect frame for the gallery walls.

Take a moment to watch the horses running in the ocean and let yourself be transported to an unforgettable experience.

45 Artist Proof / 450 Limited Edition

Running Wild