Romantic Escape

Limited Edition


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Great Barrier Reef, Australia
It was a perfect day. This is the kind of day you expect when you are on vacation. I had to capture this on film. It was an incredible feeling being alone on this sand island, the warm water of the Pacific Ocean lapping on my feet. The lone boat was such a classic. Without it there would be no shot. It added a sense of solitude and calmness. Just picture yourself in the boat, cruising out to the remote island for your getaway. The balmy summer day, turquoise waters and soft sands all contribute to the perfect shot. Puffy white clouds came and went. I took many rolls of film and for me, this was the perfect moment.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Red sail boat floating in the turquoise ocean just off a white sand beach in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia