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Antelope Canyon, Arizona
In my journey through photography, I've come to understand that timing is paramount. It doesn't matter how advanced your technique or gear is – being at the right place at the right moment is crucial for capturing the definitive shot.

This was evident during my summer exploration of the subterranean sandstone caverns in Antelope Canyon. I had calculated that the sun would be perfectly aligned overhead at noon. As this pivotal moment neared, a sliver of sunlight streamed through an overhead aperture, illuminating the canyon's sandy floor. In a synchronized moment, as I pressed the camera's shutter, my Navajo guide cast a handful of dust into the light beam. It wasn't until weeks later, when reviewing the photos, that I saw the ghostlike figure formed in the dust, a haunting image that led me to reflect deeply.

This experience was a profound reminder that sometimes, in the pursuit of the perfect shot, we might inadvertently capture something even more extraordinary

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