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Spread the word about Perfection

Photography is all about light. The right light creates depth and emotion – giving the image a real feeling and a beautiful vitality. After days of trekking the Columbia River Gorge region, I was stoked when this stunning scene revealed itself to me. This place was magical and I knew I had to get it framed perfectly for the shot to work. After intimately checking all angles, I chose a vertical composition – which really added strength. The semi-overcast light shone through the leaves, backlighting the whole scene. Each leaf seemed to glow like a lantern in the night. Beautiful, red and orange hues provided a perfect contrast against the cool blues of the waterfall in the background. Witnessing this moment of total perfection in nature is something I will never forget. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Branches with red and orange maple leaves hanging in front of a blue waterfall