Side view of a DC-3 airplane taking off from a grass runway in Portland Oregon

Open Skies

Limited Edition

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Aurora, Oregon
As long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with flight and when the chance to shoot this majestic machine arose I was stoked. This masterpiece of aviation history - just look at the classic lines and amazing detail on the reflective surface. This Beauty of the skies was born in 1937 in California and really pioneered aviation history - overcoming the immense obstacle of a massive single wing span, revolutionized air transport for decades. I wanted to make this image really special and when the captain suggested we go for a fly in this pioneer of the skies to a remote old grass airstrip I was really stoked.  The whole plane echoed and purred as we took off - just an empty shell inside - like a musical instrument. This plane has spent over ten years of flying time in the air and still going strong - from 1937 to this day. Printing this in black and white was an obvious choice adding power, depth and strength to this masterpiece. Everything about this shot - the sky and powerful panoramic composition takes me right back to that special moment of how I felt being right there. A memory that will stay with me forever .



10 Artist Proof / 200 Limited Edition

Side view of a DC-3 airplane taking off from a grass runway in Portland Oregon