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Androscoggin River, New Hampshire
I will never forget this morning for the rest of my life. I woke up early before sunrise, and set up my camera on the banks of the river. The morning was calm, and the scent of the fall forest filled my lungs. As daybreak arrived, an ethereal mist floated across the river and through the trees. It was magical. Then, as if Mother Nature knew I was there, the mist cleared only for a few moments, and this magical reflection in the river appeared. I instinctively pressed the shutter... once. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the scene vanished at the hands of the morning breeze, never to be seen again. I felt goose bumps at this moment, as Mother Nature and I became ONE. The white birch trees, the black trunks, and a kaleidoscope of fall foliage combined to reveal an illusion of three-dimensions, a moment I waited for my whole life. This ONE frame is the best shot I have taken in my lifetime.

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