Ocean Trance

Limited Edition


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Maui, Hawaii
On this morning, I set out to capture the true essence of Maui’s unpredictable waters, starting as early as possible to get as much as I could during the incoming daylight. After years of capturing the misty swells along the exotic coast, I have come to learn that each rolling wave is completely different from the last – you never know what may be coming next. Hours turned into minutes as I snapped off hundreds of frames of these majestic beauties. The thunderous sounds were almost overwhelming, as if Mother Nature was showing off her unfathomable abilities. Choosing the final image proved very challenging, until I came across this one incredible frame. Taken at just the right second, the sunlight from above gave this frothing, aquatic funnel an amazing turquoise glow – perfectly reflecting the magic of Maui. In the background, a rolling barrel curves under itself as a cloud of mist explodes into the distance. Continents of white foam swirl in patches at the foreground, highlighting the perpetual motion of the sea. I am completely mesmerized by this photograph, a moment representing both the power and beauty of Maui’s coastal landscape. It is a place I will always long for.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Ocean Trance - LIK Fine Art