Night Dreamers

Limited Edition


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Tlaxcala, Mexico

Almost any nature lover will likely agree—fireflies bring such fond memories of the outdoors. They give life to the fantasy and charm of Mother Nature. To capture and share that charm in a beautiful photograph is a real challenge.

Millions of fireflies appear in the forests of Central Mexico each year to find a mate and reproduce. They can only be seen in the late summer months just past dawn and only emerge for about an hour each night—if you’re lucky. Weather conditions had to be perfect—too much rain or not enough and the lush forest would remain pitch black. Add to this, the demanding technical efforts needed to create a photograph of this kind and you have a recipe for real frustration. Time your exposure wrong and you end up with light trails or a frame filled with blurry images. Despite all these demands—the challenge was accepted!

After weeks of exploring the highlands of Central Mexico, Mother Nature finally offered an unforgettable encounter. As dusk approached, the first exposures of the pine filled forest were captured. Waiting for the light show to begin took patience. It was a surreal scene dominated by the darkness of the forest suddenly illuminated by thousands of blinking insects! They filled the air with their silent flight. Their playful dance creating a serene moment with every frame.

These miraculous glowing marvels lit up the area, truly transforming it into an otherworldly forest. Firing off hundreds of shots that would later be stacked to reveal a magical wonderland was a leap of faith. The combination of the multiple exposures and different focal lengths created the exact image I had been envisioning in my mind. Mother Nature has a magical and sometimes secretive way of displaying her beauty and once again, she presented something out of this world!

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Night Dreamers - LIK Fine Art