Luna Pathway

Limited Edition


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Ibiza, Spain
There's something enchanting about Ibiza. The rhythmic pulse of life, the serene beauty of its landscapes, the magnetism of the sea. But the moon, imprinting its luminescent reflection across the Mediterranean, was the most captivating scene of all.

After countless nights of exploring the island, the perfect spot to witness the moon's playground finally revealed itself. With tripod and camera ready – anticipation built. The waves below, like a beating heart, embraced the shore, syncing with the night's gentle rhythm.

Weeks of meticulous preparation passed, all dedicated to immortalizing the moon's dance with the sea. The atmosphere was tranquil, the ocean calmer than ever before. Finally, the moon ascended – a dreamlike glow washed over the sea. Through the viewfinder the focus was adjusted, witnessing the perfect harmony between moon and sea. In this precious moment, time stood still.

To balance the brightness of the moon and movement of the ocean, a precise blend of shutter speeds and lenses was the uncompromising approach – allowing this special image to evoke and share that special feeling Mother Nature provided.

With each click of the shutter, a fresh perspective, documenting the moon's shimmering waltz on the water’s surface. The stillness of the night echoed through the photographs, every frame capturing a piece of the moon's silent symphony with the sea.

The first light of dawn approached, the full moon relinquishing its spotlight, signaling the night’s farewell. These were more than just images – they were songs of the night, an interplay of nature, and a serenade to the senses. The moon's ballet with the sea was no longer a distant dream, it had become a tangible reality – a moonlit odyssey, eternally captured.

Collaborative photograph. Learn more FAQ

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Photograph of the full moon shining off the the ocean from the coast of Ibiza, Spain by Peter Lik.