Luminous Cityscape

Luminous Cityscape

Limited Edition

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New York, New York
The New York skyline is just so impressive and I had to make sure I captured that grander on film. Getting to the right vantage point is always a challenge, as the security guys just hated the tripods. I was thrown off countless rooftops as soon as they discovered my tripods. But it was a total necessity as my night exposures were always long. I could not do without them. I’d had a gut full and decided to make some calls to allow me to shoot the scenes I wanted. It was a nightmare. Security was high and day after day I got no response. Finally after weeks of chasing, I got the call I was waiting for. A high end NYC financial guy made the right contact and I was on!

My window of time was short at twilight as any light I had was evaporating quickly. Escorted to the rooftop elevator by two cops, I knew this was the real deal. I had to kick ass. I choose this impressive view downtown as my focal point and blazed off shot after shot as the gorgeous clouds filled the frame. The whole city was bathed in artificial golden light. It was like a painting. I worked like a madman, firing off as many shots as possible.

I chose this particular scene for the gallery walls. It reflects the mood of NYC and has a painterly glow I always try to achieve.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Luminous Cityscape