Luce Mia

Limited Edition


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Venice, Italy
Finding the perfect quiet moment in Venice was a challenge – I had to wait patiently until 5:30am before the light was right and not a soul was stirring. I couldn’t believe how much this city reminded me of a storybook. The little houses, shops, and balconies all seem to be part of some scene in an old play – perfectly lit by the glowing sunrise and scattered street lamps. Three curious birds watched as this stranger in a strange land took in his surroundings. The rustic façade of the buildings reminded me of the history of Venice and all the emotion, strife and celebration that have given this unique place character and presence. Every doorway and every cobblestone tells a story. As I set up my camera I felt a part of something great – I felt proud to be experiencing this incredible city. I pressed
the shutter and, in an instant, I knew I had now created my own story.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Luce Mia - LIK Fine Art