Lilies of the Secret Waters

Limited Edition


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Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
Hidden beneath the lush jungle of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula lies a captivating subterranean world. Home to an estimated 10,000 cenotes – natural sinkholes formed by the collapse of limestone, creating gateways to tranquil freshwater pools where light and shadow intertwine. In these clear, cobalt blue waters, underwater lilies flourish, nurtured by sunlight filtering through the canopy above.

Reaching the pristine and secluded cenotes required navigating through a labyrinth of submerged caves – an exploration into the heart of the earth itself. The light from the surface faded, and quickly the world became shadows and muted sound. Guided by a dive light casting ghostly formations on the timeworn rocks, each movement forward became a delicate dance, demanding grace and precision.

The location where the underwater lilies resided was like a cathedral. The pool was illuminated by soft, diffused sunlight that gave the water an ethereal glow. Beneath the surface, tranquility – the lilies swayed gently in the quiet currents. Lying in wait, their vibrant hues were a stark contrast to the dark, mysterious backdrop.

Capturing this elusive beauty was more difficult than expected and completely different from the usual shoot. The stability of a tripod and the luxury of time to compose the shot, exchanged for the fluid environment where each element was constantly in motion. It was a delicate balancing act – maintaining a steady position in the water without disturbing the silt from the floor. A challenge that demanded not just technical skill but also an intuitive understanding of the water’s flow and the lilies' delicate sway – carefully maneuvering to capture a hidden world without disturbing its delicate balance. This unique set of challenges made each photograph all the more rewarding.

The soul of the cenote was captured – a timeless sanctuary where nature seemed to stand still, revealing its most secretive wonders.

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Lilies of the Secret Waters