Lady of the Lake

Limited Edition


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Aspen, Colorado
Aspen is a ripper place and the fall colors are just off the bloody charts. A good mate of mine mentioned that his father had a hidden magical lake on his private property. After a few days of clear sunny skies, I checked my weather app like a  madman and prayed for a storm as sunny blue skies are a nightmare. I hit the road at 4am with my mate John as fresh snow cloaked the forest. We drove in the pitch dark towards the hidden lake. A few miles up the road, a massive fallen tree obstructed the road. I totally freaked. Lucky my mate –a local hunter had chucked a chain saw in the back – sort of a sixth sense. We cut through the massive road block and continued to the lake. It was hours before the lady revealed herself. When she did, I immediately knew this would be hanging on the gallery walls. It combined two of my favorite elements – abstract and reality.

45 Artist Proof / 450 Limited Edition

Old metal row boat floating on a lake in Aspen Colorado with the Autumn forest reflecting in the water