Iron Glow

Limited Edition


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Manhattan, New York
Finding the right vantage point to shoot this iconic building was off the charts. I was constantly getting knocked back on all access points by building owners everywhere I went. An abandoned rooftop was the only way to go. This shot had to go down. The dilapidated freight elevator could only accommodate about one and a half people and I thought it could have fallen off its hinges at any second. When I got to the roof top, I had to go around a locked door and then… into a bunch of intricate scaffolding. I unclipped my backpack and with tripod, slowly inched myself up 8 tiers of rickety scaffolding. I knew this had to be worth it. 

Finally, tethered on the rooftop, the mental and physical struggle was worth it. What a view. No bloody joke. I fired off a series of shots, and a long exposure gave this image a really nice feel. The flat iron glowed from within and cast it’s light to give this frame a warm glow. Now all I had to do was work out how to get the bloody hell down and out of here! As usual, I always shoot first, get the shot and work out logistics after! Well, did you get the shot?

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Iron Glow - LIK Fine Art