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Port Mahon, Delaware
Capturing perspective and composition is one of the most critical components with photography! Also, keeping it simple — it sounds easy but that can be difficult. I spotted this classic jetty, disappearing into the horizon, the previous night. The lighting was flat, but the simplicity and strength of this image caught my eye. I set the alarm for an early start the following morning and hiked out to the jetty in early twilight. I set up my camera looking straight down the jetty and waited for the early morning soft twilight to give the scene a painterly look. I had a two-minute window of perfect light and fired off a roll of film — only four shots. Soon after, the sun came up and changed the mood into another day. It was a special, serene moment. I hope you can feel like I did.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Old wooden pier reaching over the ocean into a pink and purple horizon during a sunrise in Port Mahon Delaware