Hollywood Nights

Hollywood Nights

Limited Edition


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Los Angeles, California
I’ve always been drawn to the magic of Hollywood. My goal was to capture the mystique and glamour of this world famous location — in just one shot. 

Waking up on the day was nerve-racking. This was the only day to shoot. Typical LA overcast skies loomed on the horizon. I was nervous. But I had no option. As twilight approached, the whole city opened up. I was stoked. 

There was a specific angle I set up to make this shot work. I just couldn’t shoot this image straight on as you’d see on a postcard. I wanted something different. At 7:20 pm the light was magic. As I pressed the shutter, I realized the magnitude and history of what I was actually recording at the time. In the distance you can see the Bronson Caves, Capitol Records, Red Studios, Paramount Studios — legendary LA locations all captured together. I thought to myself just how this iconic location has inspired millions of people’s lives.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Hollywood Nights