Harmony Lane

Limited Edition


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Venice, Italy
It’s amazing how many European cities manage to combine the beautiful gifts of Mother Nature with the intricate craftsmanship of man. After exploring for days, I was suddenly mesmerized by the harmonious nature of this scene – the creeping Wisteria over the doorway complemented the structure’s façade, providing imagery out of some age-old tale or fable.  As the wind gently swept by, I was taken in by the lavender tones that gave this setting a painterly feel. A sense of serenity came over me – a warm, welcoming feeling that beckoned from behind the door. This
was the peaceful moment I was looking for – a classic example of the beautiful world we live in.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Purple flowers of the creeping Wisteria hanging over the doorway of an old building in Venice Italy