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Carrizo Plain National Monument, California
The Carrizo Plain is in a remote, inhospitable area of California, and I spent days traversing a maze of dirt back roads and byways before I discovered this location to camp overnight. I love shooting fields of wildflowers–there’s just something so calming about being surrounded by the color and scent of a massive natural bouquet in bloom. I awoke to a very cold, still morning and set up my camera level with the tops of the flowers. I wanted the perspective of the lens blending in to the landscape and actually becoming a part of the scene, rather than just being pointed at it. The four-second exposure I needed seemed like forever, as I held my breath hoping that the wind would hold off long enough for me to get my shot.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Orange and purple poppy fields along the rolling hills of Carrizo Plain National Park California