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Madras, Oregon
I found myself on a runway in Madras, Oregon, facing a sight that stirred my passion – a Douglas DC-3 airplane. This aircraft, a symbol of a bygone era of aviation, stood poised on the runway, its metallic frame glinting under the open sky, ready for its next adventure. 

I wanted to pay homage to the era when this aircraft was in its prime, and black and white photography seemed the perfect medium to convey the timeless elegance and enduring spirit of the DC-3. I couldn't help but reflect on the history of this magnificent machine. The DC-3, known for revolutionizing air transport, ingenuity and the spirit of exploration. Standing there on the runway, it was as if the aircraft was whispering tales of its past adventures, of the countless journeys it had embarked on.

The DC-3, against this backdrop, seemed to be in a state of anticipation, as though it was yearning to break free from the bonds of the earth and soar into the skies once more. The play of light and shadow brought out the textures and contours of the DC-3, accentuating its iconic design and the sheer craftsmanship that went into its creation.

A snapshot of history, capturing a moment where past and present converge. The DC-3, standing solitary on the runway, represents not just a static relic from a bygone era but a beacon of adventures yet to come, a reminder that the spirit of exploration is timeless.

20 Artist Proof / 200 Limited Edition

Endurance - LIK Fine Art