Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Limited Edition

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Cape Code, Massachusetts
Something drew me to the extreme tip of Cape Cod. I always need to go to all corners just in case I miss something. Today I am glad I did! I set off early on a five-mile hike to the tip. It’s like looking for treasure - the unknown that keeps me going. I knew there was a lighthouse at the end. A few miles in I saw it looming on the horizon and my heart started to race. The sun was setting fast and I wanted the shot. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the classic windblown picket fence - it just set the scene. I carefully composed the shot - crouching down with the fence leading in. The light was perfect and I pressed the shutter. The ocean crashed in the background and the wind sang through the fence. It was a special moment. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Cape Cod