Brooklyn Twilight

Brooklyn Twilight

Limited Edition

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Manhattan, New York
I knew I found an iconic location and would have to be patient to get the perfect shot. The only time to shoot was first light, as I wanted few cars and twilight skies. Easier said than done. It took eight mornings in a row to nail this shot.

Every morning I rolled up to a fleet of cars, school buses, or bland uninteresting skies. I had to get this classic New York shot. Day eight paid off. Gorgeous skies loomed over head and the street was clear. I literally had seconds to shoot the frame. I chose a vertical format to lead the viewers eye right into the shot. The classic cobble stone street gave a great vibe and the view of the Empire State Building in the distance really set the composition off. 

Looking down Washington Street, the classic New York attitude is captured in this one frame. The mood and feel of the shot is what I’d been chasing. I captured the essence of the most amazing city in the world. I hope you can feel that with me as you look into the image

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Brooklyn Twilight