Blushing Forest

Limited Edition


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Hilo, The Big Island, Hawaii
I constantly search for patterns in nature, something more than just a photograph. The lush foliage on the Big Island is so unique and the red heliconias really fascinated me, just hanging off the trees like Christmas decorations! The bright flowers against the green leaves added the contrast I was chasing. It was just like being in an enchanted forest, naturally decorated by Mother Nature herself. I chose a wide format to capture the entire scene, and a fresh rainstorm had just added an intense color. This shoot of the heliconias themselves was amazing as they were interlaced throughout- the forest. I hope you can feel the same vibe I did when I pressed the shutter.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Lush green foliage and red vine flowers in the rainforest of Hilo Hawaii