Autumns Dream

Limited Edition


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Aspen, Colorado
In the crisp cool air of an autumn morning, the hunt for the ripper shot began. One that had been described with a passion that was almost impossible to resist. A good mate, with eyes lit up from excitement, described a spot deep in the heart of Aspen that he reckoned was an absolute cracker. With that golden info, waking before first light was easy – fueled with anticipation.

The adventure began with a bit of a trek out of town for a couple hours. The main trail lead down an old dirt road and with every twist and turn, a new scenic view emerged – stunners, but not quite the masterpiece hoped for.  

Camera at the ready, heading deep into the woods, there was only the sound of the leaves underfoot and the distant calls of birds. The fiery oranges, deep reds, and golden yellows put on a show, standing out bold against the forest green. Despite each stunning frame captured, that ultimate shot was still out there.

 From one spot to the next, Mother Nature put on a display. A light fog rolled in, wrapping the mountainside in a soft embrace. The air felt like something out of a fairy tale, every breath soaking up the enchantment of the place. Quick as a flash, the tripod was set down.

Scanning another patch of trees, it all began to come together. The fog added another level of depth and mystery, punching the autumn colors. The stark white trunks, standing tall like local legends, against the vibrant display, crafted a tranquil panorama. One section stood out. A true testament to the day's adventure, persistence, and the vision that sparked it all.

The drive back was a blur, replaying every moment, every hue – a story of an autumn morning, a journey, a chase for that one perfect shot.

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45 Artist Proof / 450 Limited Edition

Photograph from Peter Lik of white trees with red leaves titled Autumns Dream | LIK Fine Art