Artist Point

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Aspen, Colorado
The kaleidoscope of colors in the peaks of the Rocky Mountains just blows my mind. All you have to do is nail the location. Sounds easy right? It’s actually bloody difficult. Composition is always key in shooting – I look for that leading line that takes you into the moment. After spending all day hiking some radical trails, it was this simple composition that revealed itself not too far from the road. All I needed now was the hard sunlight to fade. Just before dusk, the mountains provided shadows of soft light that I needed to press the shutter. The iridescent colors just popped –total silence surrounded me. I was in total awe of such beauty. I knew this scene would not last long, as I felt winter coming.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Wooden fence leading into an Autumn colored forest of birch trees in Aspen Colorado