Eternal Spirit

Limited Edition


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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
The vast sweeping expanse of the Grand Canyon is almost impossible to comprehend–let alone capture in a single image. It is incredibly difficult to try to translate the grandeur and presence of this spiritual place. I have returned to the Grand Canyon innumerable times–each shoot brings something different and the combination of the right day, the right light and the right amount of luck are crucial. One evening on one of my many pilgrimages to the area, I noticed a gathering of storm clouds rolling in above the basin of the canyon. As the setting sun illuminated the underbelly of the storm front, I imagined the murmuring of ancient ghosts across the valley. I held my breath and squeezed the shutter–I was completely blown away with the results and truly felt that the spirits had guided my image. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Cloudy sunset over the rock cliffs of the Grand Canyon Arizona