Pathway to Heaven - LIK Fine Art

Pathway to Heaven

Limited Edition


Black and white river running through the snow covered Yosemite Valley with El Capitan mountain in the background


Limited Edition

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Snow covered rocks in Lake Maroon with a pine tree forest and snow peaks of Maroon Bells Colorado


Limited Edition


The mountains offer a stark, contemplative, and often peaceful atmosphere, giving people the chance to relax and take in the world’s beauty. There aren’t always mountain ranges nearby for onlookers to admire, but you can still bring a piece of that majesty into your home with Peter Lik’s mountain range wall art. This collection of fine art mountain photography is what you need to enhance your home, bringing a piece of the mountains back home with you.

Embrace the peaceful nature of the mountains and adorn your walls with their beauty. With so many different aesthetic options to choose from, you’ll find a piece of framed mountain wall art that speaks to you.

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature through amazing landscape photography artworks from Peter Lik! His portfolio showcases stunning pieces ranging from dramatic mountain peaks to tranquil shores across the world. Choose between unsigned Open Editions or signed Limited Editions in a variety of formats — framed or unframed, large-scale Epic prints or small Element Packs; all photo prints are available mounted under high quality acrylic glass for an extra touch of elegance. Don't wait any longer — purchase online or visit a gallery today!