Abstract Photography

Discover the fascinating world of abstract photography from Peter Lik's and LIK Fine Art. Redefining reality with a unique lens on form, color, and composition, each piece invites a deeper interpretation, unveiling the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Blurred yellow and white forest with green grass foreground in Aspen Colorado
Aspen Moods

Limited Edition


Blur II - LIK Fine Art
Blur II

Element Pack


Blurred forest of orange birch trees in Colorado

Limited Edition


Close up of a calm river rolling over rocks reflecting the yellow Autumn colors of the Colorado forest

Limited Edition


Midtown Watercolor - LIK Fine Art
Midtown Watercolor

Limited Edition


Close up of reflections of the Autumn colored trees on a pond in Central Park New York

Limited Edition


Blurred red and white forest with a green and yellow grass foreground in Aspen Colorado

Limited Edition