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Advertising & Commercial Photographer of the Year


Peter Lik Wins at the 2022 BIPP National Awards

The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) announced the winners of the 2022 National Awards and Peter Lik's image "Sky Titan" has been awarded the prestigious title of Advertising & Commercial Photographer of the Year. To win the title "Sky Titan" scored the highest points among over 1200 entries. "Sky Titan" has also been honored with a Silver Award along with "Tuscan Dreams" receiving a Bronze Award.

What is The British Institute of Professional Photography?

The BIPP is one of the leading qualifying bodies for professional photographers, celebrating the very best international photography. Peter Lik is honored to be part of such an internationally recognized organization. Learn more about the BIPP Award Winners.

Dive into Peter Lik’s Celebrated Photography

Peter Lik’s acclaimed photographs, such as Sky Titan and Tuscan Dreams, as well as his other aviation photography, highlight his remarkable talent and unique perspective. These images showcase his commitment to capturing nature's splendor and his expertise in the art of photography. Discover more of Peter Lik’s celebrated works and see why they resonate with both critics and fans.

Uncover Peter Lik’s Inspiring Journey

Peter Lik’s photography journey began in Australia, where his deep love for nature took root. Over the years, his exceptional eye for detail and dedication to his craft have earned him numerous accolades and the opening of multiple galleries across the United States. Dive deeper into Peter Lik’s inspiring journey and accomplishments.