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Peter’s 25th Anniversary Big Book Almost Sold Out


That’s right. The 580 page, 40 lb. exploration of over two decades of Peter Lik’s remarkable landscape photography is almost gone! Awarded the 2010 AIPP Book of the Year, The “Big Book” started out as a limited edition of 7,500 copies. Now, only a meager 50 remain. Once that last edition is shipped out – the window of opportunity will forever be closed.

Each 25th Anniversary Big Book that leaves the studio is personally autographed by the Master Photographer. The truly mammoth project, Peter’s “proudest accomplishment,” is pretty much exactly what the title promises: a compilation of collections from Peter's first 25 years as a landscape photographer. The book also includes images of Peter on location and extensive biography material.

As impressive as the Big Book is, with its’ size and weight (try and find a bookshelf for it), nothing compares to the beautiful images between its covers. Journey through the landscapes America, the islands of the Pacific, and Peter’s native Australia.

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