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Peter On Permanent Display at Mandalay Bay Check-In

If you’ve vacationed at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas recently, then you know that the Landscape photography of Peter Lik plays a major role at check-in via the front desk area.

Four photographic prints ranging in size between 13' and 22' x 7.5' high make a lasting impression on guests checking into the hotel’s more than 3,000 rooms each day.

"They are epic," Peter remarked recently. He also added that he is especially pleased to be rotating new images into the permanent location which will coordinate with the changing seasons. "They’ll really add to the dynamic energy that radiates throughout the property. I’m honored that Mandalay Bay saw fit to make them such a fixture when they chose to update and renovate the hotel’s lobby."

Peter hopes that the beauty of his photographs continue to bring Mother Nature closer to us all.