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Peter Lik Unveils New DC-3 Images in Aviator Series

Peter has always been drawn to the power and beauty of America’s legendary, wartime aircraft, a notion beautifully illustrated in his incredibly popular Aviator Series – which include a collection of impeccably restored aircraft.

Recently, the Artist was fortunate enough to tour the Ground School at Aerometal International in Aurora, Oregon, where he received a firsthand glimpse of yet another restored and world-renowned WWII era DC-3 airliner. After an incredibly successful shoot, Peter has decided to release two breathtaking images of the legendary transport: Wild Blue and Vintage Skies.

As Peter circled the 1937 DC-3 model in Aurora for the first time, he was awestruck by its incredible condition and powerful construction: “This is not just any plane,” Peter remarked. “It is a symbol of American innovation and a reminder of the brave souls who took part in the biggest war in modern history.” This legendary beast of yesteryear, known only as N18121, flew the practically unchartered China Burma India (CBI) Theatre during the 40’s, and has possibly the most flight time of any plane in history – over 91 thousand hours in the sky!

After capturing hundreds of frames of during his visit, Peter selected two that are undeniably worthy of joining his acclaimed Aviator Series. Vintage Skies, taken during an “unexpected break in the clouds” represents the Artist’s appreciation for both man’s innovation and Mother Nature’s unpredictable skies. Meanwhile, the stunning camera positioning in Wild Blue offers viewers the incredible illusion of flight. Both images have been officially released, and are already being swiftly acquired through all of Peter’s 14 galleries. “These visions speak to me, my soul and illustrate my passion for true beauty,” Peter adds. “I am honored to share them with my collectors.”