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Peter Lik Unveils Latest Masterwork: Infinity Tree

Updated 07/28/2023
It is a subject matter Peter has been expertly capturing for years. Japanese maples are perhaps some of the most vibrant and captivating trees found in the Pacific Northwest.

Peter was quickly enamored with these “visions” he first discovered in 2009, and has since been stunning collectors with their magnificence in a continuing, highly acclaimed series. Now, Peter is ready to release his latest, Infinity Tree, at all LIK Galleries on Saturday, April 4th.

Tree of life, Tree of Zen, and Inner Peace – these incredible images from Peter Lik have nearly sold out and are hailed by critics and collectors around the globe. In fact, Inner Peace has even graced the Smithsonian and remains as part of the institution’s permanent collection. The next vision to complement Peter’s catalog of Japanese maple photographs is predicted to become just as highly sought-after by his massive audience of collectors. Infinity Tree, taken in the woods of Seattle, Washington, was not so easy to obtain, but “well worth the patience,” claims Peter.

Ten days passed as he waited for the right moment – when the tree’s leaves had transformed into just the right color for this master shot. According to Peter, “Timing is critical. All the elements of Mother Nature need to totally sync. The varying temperature and rainfall changes cause this tree to reveal its true colors. From green to orange to vibrant red! I didn't want to miss the peak color of this masterpiece.” It is clear that Peter’s patience paid off, as Infinity Tree (shown above) is just as remarkable, if not more so, than its predecessors.

Peter Lik Infinity Tree Release Date

Only a few days remain before Saturday, April 4th, when Infinity Tree will be unveiled at LIK Galleries across the country to the delight of Peter’s devoted collectors: “I am very excited to reveal my latest shot of a breathtaking Japanese maple,” he stated. “When I look at this amazing gift from nature, it is hard to imagine anything more beautiful.”

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Published 04/02/2015