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Peter Lik Unleashes Cosmic Vision: A Sky Full of Stars

Updated 04/10/2024

The Artist Offers a “Fresh” Take on One of His Most Beloved Locations

Scripps Pier in San Diego has been a continual subject of Peter’s expert lens, since his first visit to the iconic spot, years ago. Yet, this is the first time the Artist has captured the structure, and its vast backdrop, in a way that exposes such an incredibly rare view of our gorgeous galaxy. Peter’s newest release, A Sky Full of Stars (unveiled this past weekend), has already become the next, highly sought-after masterwork by collectors and fans across the globe.

With many successful photographs of Scripps Pier already under his belt, including Endless Summer and Solace, Peter knew his next visit to this beacon on the Pacific would have to yield something totally unique: “I needed a fresh perspective on this beautiful place – a crystal clear view of the endless pier that also incorporates the heavenly stars beyond our world.” Equipped with a three-camera multi rig, and shooting in long exposures of 20 seconds, Peter drew from years of expertise to offer a vision that “cannot be seen with the naked eye.”

Currently available through all 13 LIK Galleries around the country, A Sky Full of Stars marks the Master Photographer’s first step in working with charitable foundation, ONE DROP™. As a result, a portion of all proceeds of this stunning image will go towards providing sustainable access to safe water in communities around the world.

Good on ya, Pete!

/ Click to get an up close look at Peter’s latest release, A Sky Full of Stars.

Published 09/26/2016