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Peter Lik Uncovers the True Aloha Spirit with his Newest Book Hawaii

Updated 08/30/2021

For years, Hawaii has been one of Peter’s favorite locations to shoot, boasting of lush forestry, raging volcanoes, and exotic shorelines. This tropical collection of islands has become both the Artist’s personal paradise, and a landscape he is renowned for capturing. After looking back on thousands of visions from his many explorations to the warm archipelago, Peter has selectively chosen some of his most prized works – many of which have never been published – to adorn his recent stunning tribute, Hawaii.

Recently released as part of a four-book series, Hawaii takes fans and collectors on a journey through Peter’s lens. From Maui to Oahu and beyond, viewers will get to revisit some of the Master Photographer’s most legendary photographs, such as Pele’s Whisper, and get up close to many newly revealed scenes that have never been seen outside the Artist’s Studio: “As I searched through thousands images from my life’s work, I was reminded of so many amazing and unsung moments from my visits to Hawaii,” Peter remarks. “It was time to put together a fresh collection that really showcased the true essence of the islands.”

Featuring over 250 mesmerizing pages of the magical Hawaiian landscape, this masterful photography book – which fits neatly into a magnetic slipcase – has been expertly designed by Peter himself and constructed using hand-selected artisan materials. “This book has been long in the making,” Peter adds. “I could not be prouder to share this meaningful collection, representing my passion and dedication to a land that has given me a lifetime of beauty.”

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Published 03/01/2016