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Peter Lik’s Newest Release, Hawaiian Impressions, Funds Worthy Cause

Updated 07/28/2023

Stunning Island Vision Set to Benefit Friends of Hawaii Charities.

Released on Friday, October 14 to the exclusive crowds at Peter’s Hawaiian Galleries – LIK Lahaina and LIK Waikiki – the Artist’s latest image has already made a positive impact on collectors looking to acquire award-winning fine art while spreading a little generosity towards those in need. In keeping with Peter’s dedication to worthwhile organizations, a portion of all proceeds from Hawaiian Impressions will go towards supporting well-regarded local cause: Friends of Hawaii Charities.

Peter Lik and ONE DROP

On the heels of partnering with ONE DROP, Peter has wasted no time in getting involved in his next charitable effort. Respected for its programs assisting Hawaii’s “women, children, and impoverished,” non-profit operation Friends of Hawaii Charities holds a mission very near to the Artist: “Every being on the planet deserves a shot at living a decent and healthy life,” states Peter. “Teaming up with ‘Friends’ was a no-brainer. They do such important work, and I am honored to assist the community that has embraced me and my work for so long.”

A delicate patch of green flora rests perfectly still on the water’s surface in Peter’s tribute to the exotic archipelago he has been exploring for decades (see above); it is the perfect image to represent the frailty and beauty of life that Peter and Friends of Hawaii Charities are working together to protect. Now available to the public, Hawaiian Impressions can be acquired through all 13 LIK Galleries across the country – a perfect holiday gift that will also bring joy to Hawaii’s precious people in need.

/ Learn more about Friends of Hawaii Charities’ local programs

Published 11/04/2016