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Peter Lik’s Hawaii Galleries Voted Best In 2016


For the second year in a row, Peter’s expertly designed and highly successful galleries have been recognized by national organization, the American Art Awards. The well-respected group has once again given a nod to the Australian-born photographer, with both LIK LAHAINA (Maui) and LIK WAIKIKI (Honolulu) being honored as the Best Galleries in Hawaii, 2016. Such acclaim could not mean more to Peter, who personally aided in the construction of both locations, and has spent years dedicated to their growth and aesthetic upkeep.

Since its establishment in 2008, the American Art Awards has become known for introducing the most prominent and respected galleries to art enthusiasts the world over. After scrutinizing a vast collection of locales from all 50 states, only 25 were chosen as the top picks for this year: “We study thousands of galleries each year,” stated President, Thom Bierdz, “and we have to agree with Hawaiian art collectors and tourists that the best gallery in Hawaii is LIK. American Art Awards selects LIK WAIKIKI and LIK LAHAINA as our Best Gallery/Galleries In Hawaii for 2016.”

Peter Lik Hawaii Photo Galleries

Both Hawaiian LIK Galleries are among Peter’s longest running, with LIK LAHAINA’s launch dating back to 2003. Each one, featuring an acclaimed collection of locally inspired Masterworks from the Artist, has been impeccably designed to complement the natural surroundings of the South Pacific: “My team and I have taken every measure to create a tranquil experience worthy of locals and tourists alike,” Remarks Peter. “After being so warmly embraced by the islands over the years, this recent praise from the American Art Awards just brings our profile to the next level. I could not be more thrilled, grateful and proud all at once.”

Congratulations to Pete and the teams at LIK LAHAINA and LIK WAIKIKI!

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