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Peter Lik Releases his Newest Masterwork, Sacred Arch

Updated 07/28/2023
Ever Since Peter’s first encounter with legendary Canyonlands National Park, he has been permanently awestruck by its indescribably huge rock formations – millions of years old – that spread out endlessly across a vast textured landscape.

With his previously acclaimed successes such as, Sacred Sunrise, Majestic, and Timeless Land, the Artist first gripped the attention of collectors with his panoramic depictions of the region’s famous arches. Now, after a highly anticipated return visit to the park, Peter releases Sacred Arch – a fresh take of this breathtaking view, just as sunrise illuminates the beauty of Utah before him.

Peter Lik Sacred Arch

After arising way before dawn, Peter and his team eagerly trekked to this stunning location at an early 4am and patiently awaited for the right moment: “Just after we had set up for the shot, the sun began to reveal itself,” Peter remarked. “As the bright light was eclipsed by the curved, rocky formation, its underside started to glow bright red. Right then, I knew I was about to get what I came for.” And he did. The result – a surprise departure from panorama – offers a three-dimensional image that places the viewer within the crystal clear scene itself, perched high above the sweeping desert.

Being back atop the plateaus of Canyonlands was a long time coming for the Artist, who had spent “too much time away” from its beauty: “It is as if you can see the entire earth from up there,” Peter remarks. “The peace and silence is so unreal and hard to compare with any other experience I have had. This image was long in the making, and I could not be more gratified to share this personal moment with my dedicated collectors.” Now available through all of the Artist’s 13 national galleries, Sacred Arch is the embodiment of Peter’s renowned passion for the power and raw character of the American Southwest.

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Published 04/12/2016