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Peter Lik Releases Instant Classic, Island Dreams


It is a subject matter that has inspired him since his early childhood in Australia, and now, Island Dreams is possibly Peter’s most captivating depiction of coastal paradise yet. This recently released tropical vision features a seemingly endless wooden jetty winding its way into the vast distance and has already become a must-see at all 13 LIK Galleries around the country.

Peter Lik Island Dreams

“The reason I am drawn to these weathered old piers runs deep,” Peter reflects. “They remind me of launching boats as a kid, and going fishing with mates. They are a great getaway and a place of true reflection.” That sentiment should make sense to the Artist’s dedicated collectors, who have been following his similarly breathtaking images for years, such as famed classics, Midsummer Dream and Tranquil Blue.

Since its release on June 25th, Island Dreams has received an overwhelming response, and is already in high demand by collectors and fans across the globe. “In this busy, noisy world, this was a moment of quiet tranquility that I feel fortunate to have encountered and captured,” Peter adds. “I am proud to share it with my collectors.”

/ Experience the true beauty of Peter’s latest release, Island Dreams