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Peter Lik Photograph “One” Sells for $1 Million!


Peter Lik has sold his first-million dollar photograph.

The shot, taken just after dawn on the banks of the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire, resembles an impressionist painting. Peter named it One because it was a fleeting, singular opportunity; he felt a oneness with the moment and with nature; and he hit the shutter just once.

But it may well have been given the name because only one print has been – and will ever be – produced. Hence its incredible value.

“I will never forget this morning for the rest of my life,” says Peter. “It was calm, and the scent of the fall forest filled my lungs. The mist cleared, and a magical reflection in the river briefly appeared.

White birch trees, black trunks, a kaleidoscope of foliage combining to reveal an illusion of three dimensions. I pressed the shutter – once – and then the scene vanished with the morning breeze, never to be seen again.” He added that One is “the best shot I have taken in my lifetime.”

The buyer has asked to remain anonymous.

Congratulations to Peter on this milestone event!

// Read the full press release here