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Peter Lik Featured in Waikiki Magazine


Inside the latest issue of one of Honolulu’s premier publications, the world-renowned photographer is interviewed in depth, by journalist Catherine Caldwell, about his personal experiences on the magical islands of Hawai’i, and his passion for the beautiful town of Waikiki. As readers will discover, his love for the local culture and landscapes is unsurpassed.

Growing up in Australia, Peter only dreamed about one day visiting the palm tree-laden islands of the South Pacific: “Hawai’i was one of those far off places,” Peter reveals to Caldwell. “When I finally saw it firsthand years ago, I was not disappointed. Since then, I have grown to love every nook and cranny.” That love led the Artist to open up one of his longest running galleries, LIK WAIKIKI, in 2006: “I am so grateful to have been embraced by a town that is so near to my heart and soul,” Peter continued. “The locals have been so welcoming ever since I fist set up shop here and without that support it would have been a really tough go.”

Up until this recent interview, Peter had been very hush-hush about his upcoming fine art photography book, Hawaii – a topic he graciously sheds some light on for the first time: “In Hawaii, you will see visions of lush forestry, surging shorelines, massive volcanoes, and so much more.” The book, due out later this year will be one in an entire series, yet fans will have to wait to find out more.

Throughout the rest of the interview, Peter goes on to discuss the some of his most thrilling moments shooting on the islands; he recalls the danger he encountered, shooting acclaimed vision, Pele’s Whisper, alongside fiery volcano, Kilauea, and describes his “life-affirming” experience capturing successful Wave Series image, Ocean Glow, off Maui. Finally, when asked to describe his Hawai’i in a few words, Peter puts it simply: “Pure paradise”

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