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Peter Lik Earns Master Photographer Designation from MPIO


Master Photographers International Honors the Artist for Excellence in ‘Fine Art’

Master Photographers International (MPIO), branded as a “Professional Photographers Organization built for photographers, by photographers,” has just awarded Peter with his third, prominent designation as a Master Photographer. This second-highest honor within the organization – just a step below the title of Grandmaster – was earned by the Artist after three of his stunning landscape images were each given scores of over 80% in the Fine Art category by “world class” judges during MPIO’s National Competition.

Adding yet another Master title to his resume (past recognitions hail from renowned institutions, PPA and AIPP), Peter could not be more grateful to receive this humbling news: “Just being part of such a widely respected Master Program has been an amazing experience,” the Artist remarks. “To actually be given this incredible honor from top experts in the field means so much.” As a result of reaching the Master Stage, Peter – as an MPIO member – will now be able to specialize and receive recognition in his specific area of expertise.

The story doesn’t stop there, as Peter is currently up for review by MPIO to possibly receive its highest honor of Grandmaster Photographer – which, according to the organization’s website, highlights an “extraordinary commitment of the photographer’s time and vast knowledge.” While that certainly sounds like a challenge right up the Artist’s alley, he is simply thrilled to be considered: “Their support continues to overwhelm me, but for now I’ll just keep diving into my work until someone taps me to come up for air,” Peter adds. “Thanks to MPIO for the gracious acknowledgement of my portfolio, and I look forward to many more years as a member.”

Congratulations, Pete!

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