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Peter Lik announced winner at Siena Creative Photo Awards

The Siena Creative Photo Awards stand out as a celebration of the most compelling narratives. Each year, photographers from all corners of the globe submit their work, hoping to achieve recognition for their unique perspectives and creative genius. And this year, amidst an exceptional array of contenders, "Spirit of the Universe” has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Nature & Landscape category.

Siena Creative Photo Awards

What sets the Creative Photo Awards apart from many other competitions is its emphasis on creativity, on stories that touch the soul, and on perspectives that might otherwise go unnoticed. The Nature & Landscape category, in particular, seeks images that offer fresh insights into our world, compelling us to see and appreciate the environment in new and profound ways. “Spirit of the Universe” accomplishes this with exceptional finesse.

Spirit of the Universe

"Spirit of the Universe”, goes beyond the ordinary. It is not just an image; it is an emotion, a sentiment, a powerful feeling that resonates with anyone who beholds it. The title alone invokes thoughts of vastness, profundity, and the timeless beauty of our cosmos. And the captured scene? It paints a world both familiar and mysterious, connecting viewers with the earth while drawing them towards the expanse of the universe.

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