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LIK MANDALAY Celebrates 10 Years at Top Vegas Destination!


After a Decade of Success, Peter’s Local Annex Continues to Thrive

In 2006, Peter boldly launched LIK MANDALAY, his third fine art photography gallery on the bustling Las Vegas Strip, in hopes that it would fair just as well as his already-popular installments at Caesars Palace and The Venetian. Since that time, not only has this immaculate space of stunning landscapes reached record-breaking sales, it has become a shining star of the Mandalay Bay Resort property – which also currently features a seasonally rotating collection of the Artist’s legendary images in its highly trafficked, opulent lobby.

Jeremy Meeter, now the National Sales Director for all of Peter’s 13 galleries, worked at LIK MANDALAY from 2008-2010, and knows firsthand why this location is so special: “When Peter first opened LIK MANDALAY it had some pretty big shoes to fill, considering the accomplishments of his Vegas galleries,” he reflects. “It has been thrilling to see it become one of his most successful in the country, sales increasing every year.” According to Meeter, guests are not just struck by Peter’s amazing work; they are instantly drawn in by his open, fluid design offering a “peaceful escape from the buzz of the outside world.”

Peter Lik Mandalay Bay Photo Gallery

After receiving an update in 2010, LIK MANDALAY has expanded in size to become an impressive 3,265 square feet of award-winning landscapes: “Working with the executive team at Mandalay for the past 10 years has been nothing but a pleasure,” Meeter adds. “They have given Peter the freedom to create a unique space – one of his largest – and have truly honored our presence by exhibiting additional works for millions of incoming, annual visitors.” For those who may be planning a trip to The Strip, now is the perfect time to check out Mandalay’s lobby (on the way to Peter’s gallery, of course) and enjoy the recently added LIK EPIC of Tree of Zen, a massive, colorful depiction of a Japanese maple – just in time for fall.

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