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Five Ideas for Selecting the Right Art for Your Space

Updated 05/24/2024

1. Big Is Better

When it comes to your final selection — bigger is consistently better. Choosing an image that's too small is a common mistake. There is nothing worse!

Take the wall space over a sofa for example. I suggest having the image extend at least 3/4 the width of the sofa or greater. Ideally it would be approximately the same width. I suggest the same visual impact over a bed. A 280cm or 110" piece of art over a king bed works perfectly.


2. Mix It Up

Your home is your sanctuary. Use contrast — it keeps a room exciting. When selecting images consider art from different locations and sizes to create a compelling collection.

A modern image in a traditional room creates a stunning and dramatic focal point. A classic image also shines in a more contemporary space. Have fun with these complementary images and remember art has no rules!


3. Just Hang It

Sometimes you will simply fall in love with a print you must own. Its a personal and intimate connection you have with the art — a special feeling that resonates with you — just like I felt when I pressed the shutter.

In that case you can buy the print and select a location. Painting wall colors to match and selecting furniture will enhance the power this image evokes.


4. What About Color?

Trying to select art to match certain room colors is a common problem collectors get caught up in. Its an understandable urge to try to color match — but allow the image stand on its own.

Colors might be totally opposite — you might select a black and white. Go with what makes you feel good — I did when I selected this image.


5. Make Art the Star

Art has no boundaries. Every time you look at an image or share it with your mates it will inspire a mood, a special feeling we all get witnessing the beauty of the world.

Use a handcrafted Italian olive wood molding around a forest scene — or a floating frameless mount for that cool sandstone abstract.

Created by Mother Nature and captured by Lik — the art and its emotion will always be with you.

Published 02/24/2021