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Equation of Time Grabs Gold at 2016 Awards In Vegas

Updated 07/28/2021

The American Advertising Federation honors Peter Lik’s Epic Photography Book

Just released a few months ago, Peter’s groundbreaking 528-page gallery-in-itself, has already reeled in one of advertising’s most prominent accolades. On Saturday, April 2nd, at the beloved Fremont Country Club in downtown Vegas, Peter’s Equation of Time was officially presented with a regional 2016 American Advertising Federation (AAF) Gold Award for Best Book Design. Formerly known, and still referred to as the “Addys,” this annual ceremony represents the industry’s largest and most representative competition, with over 40,000 entries every year. This win on his own stomping grounds is an amazing moment for Peter, and the first step towards a possible AAF award on the national stage.

Recognized alongside Vegas giants, such as MGM Resorts, UFC, and R&R Partners (renowned for their legendary What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas campaign), Equation of Time was graciously acknowledged during the evening’s festivities for showcasing the “highest level of creative excellence,” according to the AAF website, and was “judged to be superior to all other entries in its category.” Divided into grand sections, denoting phases of Peter’s career, this exploration of 30 years in landscape photography is a true lifetime in the making – painstakingly and personally designed by the Artist, along with the most skillful of contributors.

From expertly detailed illustrations and eloquent calligraphy work, to hand-sewn binding and an individually constructed casing, Peter spent years and spared no expense to give his masterpiece a look and feel worthy of the most discerning collectors. Cotton, hemp, fine inks and so many other carefully selected elements were sourced from around the world in order to put the finishing touches on the Artist’s 106-pound triumph. “The book’s design had to be nothing short of extraordinary,” Peter remarks. “I did everything I could to make it as special as possible. This honor from the AAF is a humbling feeling that I am proud to share with those who helped on this massive project.” Next up for Equation of Time is the second tier AAF competition amongst 15 national districts – stay tuned to see what happens!

Congrats, Pete!

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Published 04/13/2016