Divine Light

Divine Light

Limited Edition

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Olympic, Washington
There is something truly magical about an early morning in the forest. The smell of the moist air, a crisp coolness, and the vibe. I drove from Forks, Washington in the darkness to the entrance of the forest. I needed soft, overcast light for this image. As sunny skies would have destroyed the mood, and create hot spots on the foliage - too much contrast in other words. As soon as the forest started to lighten my pulse raced. I frantically searched the virgin forest for a vantage point to shoot, running through the trees like a madman. I saw the sun peaking through the mist and I knew I had to knock this out. An old fallen tree covered in foliage provided a natural line into the shot, and the god’s rays just roared! This was it, I pressed the shutter and captured a moment I’ll never forget.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Divine Light