Silver DC-3 airplane in the middle of an open metal hanger in Aurora Oregon with sun shining through the windows

Sky Titan

Limited Edition

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The Reaper - LIK Fine Art

The Reaper

Limited Edition


Silver DC-3 airplane in the middle of an open metal hanger in Aurora Oregon looking out to a cloudy sky at sunset

First Flight

Limited Edition


Tough Act To Follow - LIK Fine Art

Tough Act To Follow

Limited Edition


hese powerful feats of human engineering offer a magnificent look into our past. The collection of framed wall art present these airplanes in both stark black and white and vibrant colors, showcasing their size and beauty.

Whether planes from the 1940s or slick fighters from the 1980s, you’ll find aviation pictures for sale here that inspire you and add visual interest to your home. Admire the craftsmanship of these machines with an up-close and personal view, giving any viewer an appreciation of the effort in their construction.

Photography has been instrumental in documenting the aircraft's rise into our modern world - an extraordinary testament to mankind's creativity that continues today!

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature through amazing landscape photography artworks from Peter Lik! His portfolio showcases stunning pieces ranging from dramatic mountain peaks to tranquil shores across the world. Choose between unsigned Open Editions or signed Limited Editions in a variety of formats — framed or unframed, large-scale Epic prints or small Element Packs; all photo prints are available mounted under high quality acrylic glass for an extra touch of elegance. Don't wait any longer — purchase online or visit a gallery today!