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"Wild Beauty" Unveiled


Peter Lik celebrated the unveiling of his new masterwork, Wild Beauty, at galleries worldwide this Saturday. Event attendees were treated to an evening of fine art, live music and hors d’oeuvres as Peter Lik’s hugely anticipated wildlife shot was revealed to the public. Art Consultants evoked the spirit of the new shot with black and white themed evenings as collectors new and old alike were mesmerized by the stunning image.

Wild Beauty marks the first wildlife shot ever added to Peter Lik’s collection. Peter is constantly finding patterns in natural settings and Wild Beauty is no exception. While the challenge of achieving these shots is often intense, Peter believes that capturing these distinct relationships in nature draws you in and makes you think. In Wild Beauty, Peter uses this idea to capture the heart and soul of one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Playing with angles and lines in a way both familiar and singular to Peter Lik, Wild Beauty marks a huge landmark in Peter’s career as a master photographer and a must for all Lik collectors.