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Peter Lik Unveils Groundbreaking Photograph, Stargazer

Peter has always been fascinated with the mysterious night sky, and the magical glow that radiates from beyond our atmosphere.

For years, his ambition to capture our vast galaxy through the lens has only increased in fortitude – marked by triumphs, such as the artist’s previous Tree of the Universe, which was unsurprisingly met with incredible success. However, Peter’s latest release, Stargazer, takes his dream of touching the cosmos to the next level – incorporating 30 years of expertise into one extraordinary masterpiece, impossible to see with the naked eye.

Peter’s evolution as a world-class photographer seems to have begun before time and will apparently never end. Although the “perfect shot” may not be attainable, Peter will probably come closer than anyone ever has. Stargazer is a perfect example of Peter’s uncompromising drive to capture the impossible. For weeks, he and his assistant, Mark, waited patiently for the unforgiving, Nevada desert to provide a crystal clear night sky. Then, finally, it happened:

“Billions of stars were calling, each one telling a different story,” Peter noted. “36 x two-minute long exposures were stacked in order to reveal the universe's hidden brilliance – normally invisible to the naked eye.” This two-man/two-camera job required incredible accuracy and skill; while Peter took charge of the landscape shot – which included a perfectly placed barren tree – his assistant Mark manned the astro camera. The combined result is an incredibly clear composite shot of our own brilliant galaxy, captured right on Earth’s solid ground.

Peter Lik Stargazer Release Date

Stargazer was officially release on August 15 to an enthusiastic, international collector base, and is currently available through all 14 LIK Galleries around the country. “This shot represents the culmination of so much hard work and dedication,” Peter added. “Capturing the mystery and beauty of our universe through my lens is a total dream come true. I am thrilled to share it with my fans.”

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