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Peter Lik Teams up with Technology Giant, Samsung

It is a photographic dream come true – two renowned leaders in their respective industries, coming together in celebration of the next step in camera phone evolution.

For over 30 years, Peter Lik has been capturing some of the most magical places on earth, always utilizing the latest and best in state-of-the-art equipment. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he was called upon to help one of the world’s most revered technology companies, Samsung, launch its new Galaxy S6 edge+ – aimed at revolutionizing the way smartphone-savvy millennials take photos of the world around them.

To help introduce this new Samsung product, Peter traveled to Shanghai, China in August for the highly anticipated launch event. Addressing over one thousand members of the media and enthusiastic onlookers, the Artist revealed an impressive collection of breathtaking photos – all captured by the Galaxy S6 edge+ in various stunning locales throughout the United States and China: “When Samsung asked me to be a part of their campaign to launch this amazing new product, there was no question,” Peter commented. “I have always embraced all available camera technology, including smartphones. Samsung is truly leading the way with the Galaxy S6 edge+. The shots I have been able to capture with it are absolutely incredible.”

In this day and age, when an entire generation of smartphone users is constantly snapping up photos of everyday life, Samsung has recognized the need to develop technology that exceeds above and beyond the current accepted standards. With the Galaxy S6 edge+, it seems they have accomplished that mission, offering a 16MP rear camera that produces astonishing photos of crystal clear imagery – even Peter Lik would be proud to feature them.

August’s kick-off event in Shanghai was just the beginning of this unprecedented collaborative effort between Peter and Samsung China, set to continue throughout 2016. As an intense buzz begins to grow overseas among millions of photography enthusiasts, an expansive media campaign is readying to take off. The next big step will be a highly publicized photo exhibit, showcasing over 30 images captured by the world-renowned Artist. Peter’s works will tour seven major cities in China, ending in a highly anticipated Galaxy photo auction.

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